Learning Support Program


Placement Information

Placement into Learning Support Program courses is based on student scores on the ACT or Accuplacer test.
  • Students under age 21 must supply an official copy of ACT scores.
  • Students ages 21 and over must take the Accuplacer test.

Applicants with the following test scores will be placed in courses designed to prepare them for success in college level courses.

  ACT Accuplacer Next Generation
English 13-17 200-249
Math 13-18 200-249
Reading 13-18 200-249
Students placed in Learning Support may not register for courses for which Learning Support is a prerequisite. Students who fail, drop or withdraw from a required Learning Support course will be subject to the same registration restrictions at each subsequent registration until the deficiency is removed.
If you have any questions concerning placement into Learning Support Program courses, please contact Ms. Stacie Purvis at 731-286-3388 or via email at purvis@dscc.edu.